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    Your child's prospects in life are determined by household worth

    Child's Prospects Child's Prospects

    We all want the very best for our children. We don’t want them to go without and want them to be as happy and healthy as possible for as long as they live.

    You stand a better chance of this wish coming true if your household income is on the fruitful side apparently – that’s if you believe the latest research anyway.

    Research generated from a new study that was undertaken in eight different countries shows that there is a correlation between a successful and happy child and a high earning mother and father.

    There were over 60 studies undertaken across many different countries and the majority of these came back to show that the highest earning parents had the most rounded children. Children from wealthier backgrounds were basically deemed to be healthier, fitter, happier, more intelligent and socially more advanced.

    I suppose we’ve always kind of known that to give a child a proper rounded upbringing you need a certain degree of cash behind you as they need to have adventures and be given the very best nutritional start in life – and of course, a lot of this requires money.

    The news will still be startling and a little bit worrying for parents and families who are struggling due to the rising cost of living in both Britain and further afield however.

    As previously said, everyone wants the very best for their children and there are families who have both parents working all hours god sends to simply put food on the table. You can see why they would feel hard done to. They are out there, working hard and trying their best, but because of bills and mortgage payments, have very little disposable cash and this means that their children (apparently) won’t be as well set-up as children of other, wealthier families.

    It’s quite a depressing thought. Here we have hard evidence of money having a significant impact on a child’s upbringing and future. We literally have our hands tied and can do nothing about it as the cost of living continues to rise and bills swallow up all of our cash.

    We have written numerous posts about how important it is to save and it now appears that our wise words may be more important than ever – because if you want your child to have the same opportunities as some of the other kids, money needs to be getting put away for them now.

    We have always said it is a good idea to put money away for your kids, not least because things aren’t going to get better with regards people struggling to make ends meet, and the last thing that people will want will be to see their own offspring struggling to get by. Building up a nest egg for them from a young age will hopefully give them the head-start that they need.

    The news has also highlighted to us just how important it is that the government keeps up with providing free school meals for children from poorer backgrounds.

    It isn’t the fault of the children if they are born into a not-so-great financial situation and all children should have the chance to shine.

    It isn’t fair that children from wealthy backgrounds get a head start in terms of education, whilst children from poorer backgrounds get left behind. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that every single child’s potential is met. There are a lot of talented youngsters out there who don’t get the opportunities simply because their mother and father haven’t got much money behind them – in this day and age it is just plain wrong and shouldn’t be happening.

    When it affects the very future of our children you start to worry somewhat. The best thing we can all do is manage our finances as tightly as we can and save wherever possible in a bid to help out the grown-ups of the future.

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