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    Over fifty per cent of workers still need to turn to loans and other financial outlets to get by - it's a disgrace.

    You work eight hours a day; you’d expect, surely, that you would be paid enough to get you through the payment of bills, the weekly food shop and still have some money left over to socialise and treat your kids to the odd day out.

    Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case. According to shocking figures released this week, nearly 50 per cent of workers in the UK have had to turn to payday loans or other financial outlets to simply get by – this could be extra money for food or help to pay the gas bill. The list is endless.

    A quarter of workers also admitted that money worries keep them up at night and they constantly fret about where money is going to come from should something unexpected crop up like a house repair.

    An article this week from a leading weekly newspaper also highlighted the fact that a lot of women of child bearing age are putting off starting a family as they feel they are not financially secure enough and would be in financial hardship were they to get pregnant.

    It really starts to hit home the crisis that people are facing out there when they have to make a choice between family and staying above the breadline. People should not be in work and still have to get financial top ups and visit food banks. End of.

    There was once a time where if you had a job, you had a job for life, had enough money to comfortably get by because the cost of living wasn’t extortionate, and had a reliable and worthwhile retirement savings pot because pensions were actually worth something.

    Nowadays, working means nothing and that angers us. Working was something to be proud of. Not only did it give you the money and the tools to better yourself and your family, it also gave you worth and lots of people took pride in their job role. Now, it is a different story. People won’t take pride in their work because they are grinding themselves to the bone and still having to scrape the barrel when it comes to finding extra cash to get through one week to the next. You can’t blame people for thinking ‘what’s the point?’

    It is particularly tough on people who work hard and still have less to show for it than the people who are on out of work benefits. You can completely understand why some people are bitter towards people that don’t work – but it isn’t their fault, it is the system’s.

    It gives people absolutely no incentive to go out and find work if the best they can hope for is to still be attending food banks to feed their family.

    Zero hours’ contracts have also come in for further criticism this week. According to the same research that revealed the state of workers’ finances, people on the aforementioned contracts were revealed to have an income that varied by around 12 per cent each month. A twelve per cent swing is a lot when you have bills to pay and rent money going out. It just isn’t sustainable.

    Think about it; if your wages are down by over ten per cent compared to the month before, it is pretty difficult to manage your finances successfully and keep abreast of how much will be left at the end of the month and whether bills can be paid.

    It is even more of a farce when you think about getting on the property ladder and jumping through mortgage hoops. Hard working people on these contracts won’t be able to get a mortgage and they are basically being punished for doing a job – just because the contract in place is so lacklustre.

    In all fairness, the government needs to step in and help those who are showing they are working their backsides off. There is no way that people working full time should ever be struggling to feed themselves and their family and struggling to heat their homes.

    If full time workers are having to go through this hardship, maybe it’s time we all packed up and moved on.

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