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    Four Ways to Sell Old Books

    How many books do you have that you haven’t read in years, and now clutter up bookshelves and cabinets all around your home? If you’ve switched to an e-reader recently, you may be replacing all those hardbacks and paperbacks with virtual copies that are easier to carry around with you.

    If you’re keen to sell your books to make some ready cash, we’ve got four ways you can do it.

    1: auction them on eBay

    This is best for the books that are rare, signed by the author, or otherwise in demand. Trying to sell a book that is already available on auction dozens of times over isn’t a great way to spend your time. Check eBay before listing anything to see how popular each book is, and what the likely selling price might be. This means you can separate out anything that doesn’t sell, or doesn’t sell for a decent price.

    You could try auctioning off a batch of books for a specific author, but this usually means offering collection only, and that limits your market. Fortunately, we have other ways you can try, too…

    2: send to an online book-buying company

    There are lots of these around, with We Buy Books and Ziffit among the best. Use their websites or apps to get prices for your books and then box them up and print the postage label they give you. (I made over £60 from one site and £20 from the other getting rid of lots of books this way.) You don’t pay to post them off, and you can usually either opt to have them collected, or take them to a collection point near you.

    3: sell to a nearby second-hand bookshop

    Don’t forget the bookshops in your home town. They are often looking for stock, and some will offer to buy your books from you. They won’t accept everything, but then, you won’t be able to sell everything online, or have it accepted by the above companies, either. This should be your third option after trying the methods mentioned above. With any luck, you’ll be able to make a few quid by parting with some more books this way.

    4: flog them at a car boot sale

    This is a great way to sell old books. Box them up so the spines face upwards – that way you can take the boxes out of your car and put them straight on the table or ground. just be sure to rest them on a plastic sheet if the ground is wet, so the damp doesn’t seep up into the books. By the time you get to this method, you’ll have sold most of the good books. Offering paperbacks for 10p each should enable you to sell plenty, but you may wish to try a few boot fairs to sell them all.

    Of course, you could also donate some books to your local charity shops. Some towns have collection points for books, so check online to see if there is one near you.

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