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    Can You Really Eat on £1 a Day?

    Just lately, I’ve come across lots of articles and blog posts focusing on the challenge of eating for just £1 a day. Turns out there is a whole group of people out there who have tried this challenge – sometimes for a month, sometimes for much longer. Other people have managed to eat healthily on £2 or £3 a day, but the main challenge appears to be a pound a day. Is this because it seems so hard to do?

    I was surprised by how many people have tried this, and how easy it is to find information on it if you want to try it yourself. Eating on a budget, shopping sensibly, and being challenged by low-cost eating are all good reasons for trying it. While I can’t say I have tried it 100% myself, I have been fascinated by reading some of the blogs dedicated to this topic. And yes, it seems it is a good option to try if you want to lose weight, too. After all, the people who try this never go for junk food because it tends to be a lot more expensive.

    Why do people do this?

    Saving money is a big one. But many have tried the five-day challenge created by a charity called Live Below the Line, which aims to raise awareness of people around the world who live on this amount every day – and not through choice. People come to this challenge in many ways, but highlighting awareness of the reality of doing this all the time is a key one.

    How can you achieve it?

    Planning seems to be the key. There are lots of sites that have shopping lists and menu plans to make life easier. You’ll spot sites offering something like ‘£7 for your weekly shopping list’, for example, complete with seven days of menus and meals to provide three meals a day – often with leftovers, too.

    Ditch packaged foods

    This is the biggie. I haven’t come across a single site on this topic that includes any packaged or pre-made foods to eat. They all go back to basics, buying cheap pasta and rice to bulk up meals, stock cubes to flavour them, and encouraging people to make their own recipes. Plenty of things can be made at home – even bread – when you know how.

    Look online for inspiration and recipes

    The challenge of eating on £1 a day is daunting for many when it first comes to light. But when you learn more about it, you realise there are lots of recipes and suggestions online from people who are already doing it. Many try it for a week or a month to get them through a tough time, and then stick with it. That’s how inspiring it is, and how easy it can be to turn it into a habit.

    So, if you are looking to save money on your grocery bills, this could provide you with the solution you have been searching for.

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