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    Sunday, 29 October 2017 16:45

    Four Ways to Sell Old Books

    How many books do you have that you haven’t read in years, and now clutter up bookshelves and cabinets all around your home? If you’ve switched to an e-reader recently, you may be replacing all those hardbacks and paperbacks with virtual copies that are easier to carry around with you. If you’re keen to sell your books to make some ready cash, we’ve got four ways you can do it. 1: auction them on eBay This is best for the…
    Thursday, 26 October 2017 15:39

    Can You Really Eat on £1 a Day?

    Just lately, I’ve come across lots of articles and blog posts focusing on the challenge of eating for just £1 a day. Turns out there is a whole group of people out there who have tried this challenge – sometimes for a month, sometimes for much longer. Other people have managed to eat healthily on £2 or £3 a day, but the main challenge appears to be a pound a day. Is this because it seems so hard to do?…
    Monday, 23 October 2017 12:27

    What is a budget?

    If you are a regular to our site, you will no doubt have realised that we like to preach the importance of being frugal and budgeting finances at all times. To us, it is very simple. If you can account for every penny and you spend within your means there should be no problem when it comes to monthly cash flow. We do, however, appreciate that it isn’t always this straight forward for everyone, and that is why many of…
    Despite warning upon warning, Britons are still heaping all their debt onto credit and store cards and all the while are getting themselves into a financial situation that many find difficult to get out of. Because of this, many regulators are looking at putting new restrictions in place that will make it difficult for consumer borrowing to exceed the heights it is at today. The rate of spending on plastic boosted the economy last year but in the long term…
    Everyone in their lifetime will apply for a loan – it’s just one of those things that is part of life. We all need money and the banks give us a helping hand to make sure we get essentials such as homes and cars. It comes as somewhat of a surprise then to learn that even just applying for a loan at one of the country’s biggest banks may leave a blemish on your credit score – something that is…
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