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    Zero Upfront Fees
    We can't stress enough that there are zero upfront fees. You only pay fees on interest and late repayments.
    "Your Rate"
    Wouldn't it be great if lenders gave you a rate that mateched your history? That's what happens here, better history = better rate!
    No Commitment
    If you don't like a rate offered, you are free to close this web page and decline the loan. No cost, no penalty, you decide!
    The rates found through this site are very competitive

    What Rate Will I Pay?

    Once you have applied online, a number of checks will be performed to determine your history and chance of defaulting. Once the checks have been done, you will receive a responce about how much you can borrow and at what rate.

    If you don't like the rate, you can at anytime close the page and never hear from this site again.

    What Affects Rates?

    On Time Repayments

    People who have a history of making repayments on time will ultimately be more likely to get cheaper loan rates than those that don't. These people show less of a risk to lenders and they will give discount on rates for less risk. The upside to that is that you can start to repair your credit history by making future repayments on time.

    Regular Employment

    Being employed and having the same consistent level of income for a sustained period of time is of benefit. It shows lenders that little is likely to change in the future, less surprises is always nice for them.

    Your Family

    Well actually not, we haven't heard of a single lender that will charge a different rate because of the history of one of your family members or loved ones who reside at the same address. As far as we know, it's simply a myth.

    CCJ's and Defaults

    Just because you havce CCJ's and defaults, it doesn't mean that you will automatically be declined. What it normally means though is that you will have to pay more interest for the loan. 


    Lenders will give better rates to borrowers who have lower outgoings each month. 

    Fraud Indicators

    This is by far the most important factor to lenders when considering whether to approve a loan or not. If you can show that you are real and not a fraudster, then you stand a great chance of being accepted. This doesn't really effect the rates you pay because lenders will either lend to you or not lend to you if they detect fraud.

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