About Us - Who Are We?

You may have been wondering which organisation it is that set up this site? Well, the answer is that this site is part of Quick Loans Ltd. A well known and respected company.

We have many major brands under our financial services umbrella, LoansForBadCredit.co.uk is just one of them.

Why don't we just run one brand?

Ever since we have started in this industry back in 2009, we realised that there were many different types of borrowers. Some had good credit, some had bad, some just had no credit at all. Each site has it's own lending criteria. Some may be accepted on some of our brands but not others.

Each day, we, as a company handle over £1m worth of applications.

We launched LoansForBadCredit.co.uk in 2016, we are now into our third year, and this is the third year of continued growth.